Double Helix Alien DNA

Removable Fingerboard Graphics – by NeckIllusions.com

DNA Neck Illusion Designs

Kevin uses Neck Illusions Fingerboard Graphics exclusively

“The idea for the Double Helix Alien DNA design came to me in a dream. My dream custom guitar is being handed to me by these Three Zetas (Extraterrestrials). The neck design is what captured my attention. I recognized it was based on a Double Helix Crop Circle formation from 1996 in Wilts, UK.” IMAGES

“I am an ‘Experiencer’. By this I mean that Extraterrestrials have been (and still are on a regular basis) in direct contact with me. I am now in close communication with world respected UFO researcher Grant Cameron. He is helping me understand the UFO phenomenon on a deeper level, and why these Star People are having direct relations with me. In his research, Grant has discovered that extraterrestrials have been in communion with many musicians, like Ace Frehley of Kiss, John Lennon, Elvis and many others. Additionally, important information is being downloaded to people through dreams.

I have come to learn the DNA Double Helix symbol represents DNA Activation. This is achieved when one reaches higher states of consciousness, through raising ones frequency vibration. Scientific experiments have demonstrated DNA is activated through specific frequencies. Higher states of consciousness are activated when one is tuned the Golden Ratio/Phi frequency A=432hz. A harmonic of sound, light, sacred geometry and our solar system. DNA referred by scientists as ‘Junk DNA’ is actually inactivated DNA. We have only accessed 10% of our consciousness potential. Imagine if we could unlock 100% of our DNA.

Kevin Estrella, Pyramids on Mars