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cosmic angels


About the Album

Genre – Melodic Instrumental Rock, Rock, Hard Rock, Progressive Rock, Metal
Album Length – 9 songs – 44 minutes

Album Influences: Joe Satriani, Rush, Tool, Type O Negative, Pink Floyd

CD Track Listing:

Interstellar 4:51
Phoenix From The Ashes 4:48
Cosmic Angels 5:01
On Dragon’s Wings 4:15
Luftpanzer [Air Tanks](Nacht Waffen Part II) 4:32
Echoes of Peter Steele
Thaylee 5:15 
A Dolphin’s Paradise (Theera’s Theme) 4:29
Arcturian Sunset 4:27

*Released on CD, digital and streaming. 

quote from the artist

“On Cosmic Angels or any of my albums, the emphasis is on songwriting and storytelling.  I am more influenced by power trios like Rush, Tool, and Led Zeppelin.  Not one instrument is more important than the other.  There is a symbiotic relationship between guitar, bass, and drums.  The emphasis is not just on the lead guitar melody but on the band as a whole.  Lead melody harmonic variations on repeating themes are strongly utilized, like rhyming phrases in spoken language that allow easier, accurate retelling of the original story.  This idea of repeating music phrases/themes so the audience can easily recall it and hum it all the way home.”
Kevin Estrella

About the songs

Interstellar is a song about flying past the stars to new worlds.  Inspired by the movie of the same name

Phoenix from the Ashes is a song about being at the lowest time of your life and breaking through to your highest potential.  Born from the ashes

Cosmic Angels –  Don’t you think flying saucers look like Cosmic Angels?

On Dragon’s Wings – A song about riding on the back of your dragon

Lufpanzer (Air Tanks) – Did you know Nazi Germany reverse-engineered extraterrestrial technology and had their flying saucers?  The secret World War II history they don’t want you to know 😉

Echoes of Peter Steele – A song dedicated to the late Peter Steele of the band Type O Negative.  

Thlaylee is a song about the world’s end and throwing our hands up, begging extraterrestrial nations to rescue us from our peril.

A Dolphin’s Paradise is a song about dolphins playing.  If you listen to the guitar melody, it’s two dolphins singing.

Arcturian Sunset – I pictured being on a blue and white crystal planet somewhere around the Arcturus star.  I was on a beach, and this song is what I heard.



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My visits started with the P’nti. Then, I started finding different handprints in my apartment. I now have regular visits from many Star Nations. Thank you for dropping by last night and bumping the back of my couch 🙏. Makes me happy

To be clear, that is not blood. It was liquid that drained from my ear. And my consciousness was enhanced after 7 days. The procedure was repeated one month later. The P’nti helped my telepathic projection. As ‘gardeners’. That stain is ET technology. It is evidence

Tk tk dear Nee, Kevin too. "Gardeners of Intellect!" When we look w/in & rightmindedly assess our character, I believe we can actually recognize where our P’nti friends have put in a bit of gardening! Love, love, love to you, dear ones. You teach me, love me & crack me up! oxoxox

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